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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Long Walk to Freedom...709 Malaysia

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who is against us?” (Romans 8:31, Douay Rheims)

Pilgrims in Malaysia have just shared that the entire pro-government-editor-controlled mainstream media in Malaysia is expected to carry shocking and bold headlines (lies!) reporting that the BERSIH rally today was a disaster...failing to muster any support from the people (6,000 a local daily claim)...numbers and stories will again be twisted in favor of the fearful ruling government!

What else is shocking in Malaysia...well, certainly not “truly Asia”, as the government tourism brochure will claim...BUT a land where the poor people are simply held as slaves to injustice, conspiracies, fabrication, blatant denials, un-clean electoral system, suppression of religious freedom, other evil you can think of...just to stay in power.

Well, according to our pilgrim friends in Malaysia, the “exodus” has the people “slaves” take their first brave steps out of “Egypt”...

The “seemingly deaf, dumb and blind, un-mandated” leader of the Government of Malaysia was earlier today forced to cancel his “get-away” from the country and was utterly disgraced when, as reported by alternative internet media sites, thousands (Foreign News Agency Al Jazeera claims 20,000) of brave and disciplined civilians, of various ethnic and religious background, turned up, in solidarity, in pouring rain from the heavens, on July 9, 2011 for the BERSIH rally to push for free, clean and fair elections.

These people turned up because they carried hope...they believed. Jesus, our Good Shepherd, must surely be weeping for Malaysia...even if there was just one “sheep” who dare stand up for what is evil.

BERSIH is an umbrella group representing 62 Non Government Organizations, led by one of the eight women worldwide to receive the US Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage in 2009.  Thumbs up to her for being an obedient instrument of God!

As a woman was instrumental in bringing Jesus Christ into the world and similarly, many great prophets in the Bible...many women today continue to speak up and lead reforms throughout the world for the sake of freedom, equality, justice...ultimately, for life!

The 709 (July 9) March was peacefully aimed at pushing for a “cleansing of the electoral filth in the nation”, but the police, instruments of the powers that be, were deliberate and aggressive...tear gas and chemical-laced water cannons were used extensively to prevent the peaceful walk for fair and clean elections!

Similar BERSIH rallies conducted by Malaysians in many countries all over the world, amongst them in Seoul, South Korea, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Australia, Osaka, Japan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Singapore, London, Paris, Switzerland, Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ottawa, Canada, went on peacefully, some even congratulated, by the foreign police, for having organized such a peaceful demonstration!

In Malaysia, following pre-rally threats, road blocks and forced city lockdown, the supposedly guardians of the nation- the police, were busy ruthlessly baton-charging, firing tear gas and chemical-laden water cannons all over the city...including, believe it or not, into a Maternity Home...worst of all, amidst the scuffles, causing the death of a civilian!!

Reports indicated that the police have been relentless and oppressive in their efforts to bring down the marchers by sheer force, who are mostly civilians, even to the extent of locking up the public toilets in the city!

During the week before this historic day, the Government of Malaysia seems to have been badly infected with “xanthophobia” (the fear of the color yellow – BERSIH T-shirts)...resulting in the police crackdown on any persons wearing yellow...inciting hatred against the ruling party, they claimed...  It would seem that Malaysia requires police reforms as well...something that is only possible when the government changes hands...through clean and fair elections!

Nevertheless, the memorandum pleading for free, clean and fair elections in Malaysia was not presented to the King at the palace, because many of the pro-BERSIH leaders and social activists were intentionally arrested, including the youngest daughter of an Opposition leader; altogether, more than 1,600 people; men, women, boys and girls!

God is great, His protection was over the people who dared to walk for, the 709 Rally was a great success as it has awaken the people and raised their political awareness of the need for immediate electoral reforms...more than that, the people were able to witness the shameful display of raw power and “big bully dirty tactics” by the fearful “over-staying” government in their corrupt high handedness to suppress such reforms.

Today, begins a new dawn for Malaysia as the courageous citizens and fellow pilgrims rise, with God to defeat evil, corruption and injustice across the land...restoring the world that God has intended for all His children to live in, that we may love Him even more.

We continue to pray fervently for the pilgrims and the people of Malaysia as they await their new dawn...that God, the merciful, will always protect them and bring about justice, repentance and peace.

As we reflect through this experience of our fellow pilgrims in Malaysia and meditating on the Word of God this coming Bible Sunday, we should come to the realization that each of our journeys is different...each is unique...we need companions...most importantly, we need God...we need to listen to His know Him...

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