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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Clay With No Face...

I have been away for a short while.  Keeping some quiet time for myself…

What I share today is perhaps my first ever attempt at putting my thoughts into some poetic fashion.  Whether one can classify this as a poem, I am not certain…neither am I a qualified poet to even post any opinion on that.

In any case, I took some quiet time to put my thoughts of the moment into this format…which I pray some readers can also relate to…  I do not have a specific title for this original piece of poem, but my first thought would be, The Clay With No Face

I hope you will find this meaningful for your journey as I have found in mine.

Faces come, faces go,
Rushing here, rushing there,
Scrambling aimlessly, everywhere,
Moulding control over outcomes…over destiny.

Imagine all these faces,
Passing through life,
Often unknown, often in disguise,
Often camouflaged by the noise of life.

Who are these faces…a dilemma, maybe?
Faces of friends, the world so claims,
Present in good and happy times,
Waveringly absent in the darkest hour.

My companionship, they abuse,
My heart, they do not love,
My soul, they seldom care,
Merely passerbys on the journey.

When the hour gets lonely,
When no one bothers to listen,
When no one has time to love,
Simply no one to even care.

The seconds becomes minutes,
The minutes becomes hours,
The hours turn into days,
The days that make life seem so empty.

In a heartbeat, life becomes real,
Loneliness envelopes life,
Life turns into a void of silence,
Every step of the journey…long and winding.

No one wants to understand,
No one wants to know,
No one to truly fill me up,
No more faces that can satisfy.

The skies and the clouds,
The moon and the stars,
The flowers and the birds,
The gentle breeze…the fatherly embrace.

A gentle quiet awareness,
I am the work of God,
This simply cannot change,
The Lord has heard my unspoken cry.

Indeed, now I know,
That faces remain faces,
Unless united in the Lord,
It is the truth, I am reminded.

It is the truth that I have forgotten,
Amongst too many faces,
Amidst too much noise, amidst life's rushing,
Yet, here I am, Lord, found by you again.

Closer and nearer, you come,
To fill this empty void,
Consoling my restless heart,
Nourishing my empty soul.

Simply and quietly,
Only one face, I become aware,
Surrendering to the truth,
The truth that knows no lies,
The truth that fills every inch of my life.

My aimlessness becomes focused,
My journey becomes bearable,
My burden becomes lighter,
I am simply a faceless block of clay,
Into the quiet hands of the potter, I become...his face...


Written by Pilgrim


  1. Such a wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amanda,

    Thanks for visiting, most of all your encouragement! God Bless!