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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God...Seem Distant...

In life, we experience so many demands and distractions. Many a time, it is difficult to find God; difficult to look for stillness where God is found.

There is always an urgency in everything - too "active", some people say, cramming more and more into our lives. Most of the electronic gadgets today help us to cram even more!

But then, what is the purpose of all these? Is our life more enriched?

The challenge is to remove the distractions. Find the stillness and the calm. Only then can we draw closer to the source of all life; draw closer to God.

The media tells us everyday that our civilization abounds in violence, sex crimes, pornography, corporate scandals, child abuse, abortion, self-interest and self-indulgence. There is a constant and gradual erosion of moral truths and values. Where is the love?

Amidst the hurly-burly of life, God seems infinitely distant and exceedingly remote. The secular main stream media and free internet blogs have, most of the time to gain popularity, pushed God completely out of our lives.

Is there then a christian way of life in the world?

At every moment of the day and night, somewhere in the world, in a monastery somewhere, there are contemplative communities constantly praying for God's mercy and forgiveness of sins of the rest of the world.

These contemplatives live their souls cradled in the hand of God - unceasingly contemplating, worshipping and praying - in silence and solitude.

Prayer is the root of christian life. We must live, above petty squabblings, with, in and for God in prayer, silence and solitude.

Two reflections from the ancient fathers for today:

"Sometimes perhaps on a still night, you will have gazed up at the inexpressible beauty of the stars and thought of the author of the universe. You will have wondered who it is sowed such flowers so prettily in the sky..."

St. Basil (329 - 379)

"God has given the universe a musical arrangement. He has placed the dissonent elements under the discipline of harmony that the whole world may be a symphony in his ears...He has orchestrated this pure concert of the universe."

St. Clement of Alexandria (150 - 215)

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